How do I transfer calls? NEWBIE

Hello again, I had someone install my IVR… then after installation he explained to me that he had a better understanding of Asterisk Now (as apposed to what I had Asterisk…) this being said many questions I asked went unanswered or the answers were not accurate.

Currently, I have about 10 phone lines (of which only 9 are in use). They all goto ATA Boxxes (Linksys PAP2T).

I am uncertain as how to transfer a call from one phone to the other in the office… He had me push pound and the SIP address of the other phone no luck… Not sure if I were to first (flash) the phone… hit the hang up button real fast… just basically have no clue as to how to do it…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Option 1: Read the ATA instructions for details of how to get it to initiate a SIP transfer.

Option 2: core show application Dial, and look at the T and t options, then look at features.conf to see what is configured there for transfers.

Note that flash has no meaning to SIP, so how that is treated depends on the ATA.

Thank You David55 THAT did the trick :smile: