AMI originate call to queue

We have an Ipitomy phone system, it’s asterisk. I have access to the AMI.

What I can do is Originate a call to an external number where it gets a pickup at the desk extension first and then dials the outside number.

What I need to do is get it to do the same thing for a queue. So when someone answers the call in this queue it then connects them to the external number. Is this possible via the AMI only? I don’t have access to the .conf files since this is a branded asterisk. I can create dialplans but I don’t think i can add any of the logic i’m seeing referenced in some posts.

The context is rg_57. The Queue is 2070. Currently the only agent in it is my phone agent 5222. I’ve read and read and can’t figure out how to make this work. One place i’m confused is on the Channel: When I’m sending this to a regular extension it’s just sip/### I’ve seen people reference setting the channel to local, and i know the queue shows up in places with Local/2070. However I can’t put Channel: Local/2070 no matter the context. Any help or pointers is greatly appreciated!

So i now see the channel can be set to Local/5222@agents. the queue is rg_57.

So how would I have AMI put an outbound call into the que where the external person isn’t called until an agent answers?

For anyone in this situation, trying to originate an outbound call to put but in a queue, here is how i did it via AMI.

Action: originate
Channel: Local/s@rg_57
Application: Dial
Data: SIP/Earthlink/phonenumber
callerid: "Test Queue <5555555555>