Asterisk 21. What should be AMI cannel to originate call to Queue?

Hello. I’m trying to perform a call to Queue from my Nodejs application, for this I use AMI. I have a queue “queue_outbound”, extensions 600, 601, 100.


Get AMI error response: Invalid channel
What should be a channel?
If I use channel: PJSIP/601 I get a call but disconnected immediately.

Remember, every call must have two ends. You will need to decide where the other end goes. You can send it to another context in your dialplan by specifying a channel spec of the form “Local/exten@context”. “exten” can be any valid extension in that context, including “s”.

Try this way, of course adjusting it to your Node.js syntax.
Channel: Local/extension@context\n

That should be /n

Doesn’t that just send the the queue agent though?

You can also terminate the call directly on a particularly SIP phone with, e.g. “PJSIP/endpoint”.

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