Where is web frontend?


i have installed asterisk and then asterisk-gui as described on … basic.html there is no gui but only the message “Nothing to see here. Move along.”. where is the gui? please help.


please help me.

dilly, what is the IP your asterisk box? I’m betting it’s not… replace the with the IP of your machine and the GUI should load just fine.

i’m sorry, the IP really is

if it wasn’t, the message “Nothing to see here. Move along.” couldn’t be there.

Same problem here…installed everything correctly.

Checkconfig contains no errors, added user.

Tried to bind the ip to local or the static adress doesn’t change everything.

Keeps giving this error when browsing to the url:

Not Found

Nothing to see here. Move along.
Asterisk Server

i downloaded and installed AsteriskNOW from asterisknow.org/ and now the gui works.