How do I install FTP service?

Apologies if this has been answered in another thread… this forum really should at least have a “Search” feature.

I successfully installed Asterisknow and have 17 extension registered and working.

I want to have FTP access to this server. How do I install FTP?

I’m new to Asterisknow. I switched from Ubuntu/FreePBX after banging my head against the wall getting my TDM400P card to work. Never did get it to work, but I like Ubuntu for installing packages using apt-get.

I’m lost as to how to do that using this variation of Linux (centos5 ?) Many posts refer to yum. Sounds good, but can’t get that to work either.

Any help is appreciated.


Thanks :blush: Sometimes I miss the obvious.

However, searching the forum has not revealed the solution to my problem.

Again, any help is appreciated.