How do I go from voip to land line (programming)?


I want to write a little app for my computer that is a very simple voip application.

I don’t want all the bells and whistles of skype or anything, and I just want to do this as a learning project.

I want to use C to bring up a dialog window requesting a number to call. I then click call, and it calls the number and connects using my speakers and microphone.

I will probably use Asterisk, which is an open source VOIP server program. I understand the whole concept of voip to voip, but how would I go about getting from voip to land line? That’s what I have the hardest time grasping.

I have a feeling that would need to use some type of switching service? I would prefer to do this for free, but a small charge would be ok.

ONCE AGAIN, I DO NOT WANT SKYPE! this is a programming project and I want to learn about voip. I realize skype has an api, but I like Asterisk’s better so don’t even mention skype or anything else. Thanks!

It’s a wonder then that you put your topic in the Skype For Asterisk subforum.

If you want to go to the PSTN, you either provide your own connectivity via analog or digital cards ( or you buy connectivity from a VoIP provider, probably connecting over SIP.