How can I view queuerules changes live?

How can I view queuerules changes live?

I tried with AMI looking for the QueueMemberPenalty event, but this event only occurs when changed by the command “queue set penalty <penalty> on <interface> [in <queue>]”.

Below is a configuration in which you would like to get the penalty changes, because in practice every 10 seconds that the caller waits for service the extension of the next highest penalty agent also starts ringing.


strategy = ringall
timeout = 10
retry = 2
defaultrule = myrule
member => PJSIP/1001, 0, Agent Lvl 1
member => PJSIP/1002, 1, Agent Lvl 2
member => PJSIP/1003, 2, Agent Lvl 3


penaltychange => 10, +1, , +1
penaltychange => 20, +1, , +1


same => n, Set(QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY=0)
same => n, Set(QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY=0)
same => n, Set(QUEUE_RAISE_PENALTY=0)
same => n, Queue(support);
same => n, Hangup

Live changes on Asterisk are reflected on AMI events, and event will occur under certain action, I suggest you check for the list of AMI events to see if one of them meets your needs

I have already tried to get through AMI, although I mentioned in this topic only the use of the event “QueueMemberPenalty”, also not being able to see the penalties changes of the queue rules through even observing all the events triggered by AMI.

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