Hangup Zap channel

Hi, i’m trying to fix my problem but i can’t.
I have a TDM400p card and asterisk it’s working perfectly but when i recive a call from PSTN, My asterisk answer the Line correctly and play my IVR, but when you hangup, in the CLI> Asterisk still executing each priority at the end and them hangup.
HOw manke that when someone hangup, the asterisk Hangup the channel inmediatly?
Thanks, I hope you can help me

Make sure you are running a recent version of Asterisk, then ask your telephony service provider to enable disconnect supervision and to tell you how they signal disconnects. Make sure that you have configured your TDM driver to use the same type of disconnect supervision.

I am assuming incoming calls. If this is really an outgoing call, make sure you only call mobile numbers, or ask your telephony provider if they are able to offer you a called party clearing service for outbound calls.