How can Asterisk be integrated to WordPress CMS?

Hi All,

My name is Julio and I am a Software Engineer. I’m interested in using
WordPress for developing an e-commerce platform integrated with a VoIP
telephone system (Asterisk). I was wondering if anyone could give me some
advice on the integration part. Basically - on the e-commerce platform
visitors can request automatic and instant call-backs via VOIP.

Does anyone here have any experience and or what is your experience in
integrating WorldPress CMS with a telephone system?
Does WordPress CMS have any telephone system API/plugin/extension to connect
to Asterisk?
Is there any alternative open source telephone system platform to connect
WordPress CMS ?

All opinions and responses welcome. Thanks everyone,


Take a look on :

The mexuar corraleta its awesome but expensive.

Sure you could create a call file through a web service and it would call the customer PM me if you want code base examples.