How are calls from Asterisk systems tracked?

Alternate title: What are the unique identifiers Asterisk sends when you make a call?

This is a general telephony question that’s been on my mind ever since I started learning Asterisk. I really didn’t know how to ask this so I split it into 3 questions.

Part 1:
It’s common knowledge that if you want to trace a phone call you dial *57, but how does that apply to calls made from an Asterisk system hosted on a cloud server that might not even have an Inbound route?
Are they traceable? Could you explain how the tracing system works?

Part 2:
To make the situation even more complicated what about a DISA call?
If you attempted to *57 a call coming from a DISA route would you get information for the original caller or the PBX they are calling through?
My guess would be the PBX acts as a proxy. Is that correct?

Part 3:
Is there a way to blacklist another PBX server from calling into your PBX?

That tracing code probably only applies to one country and possibly only to the analogue network.

I’m not aware of any standard way of tracing a VoIP all (e.g.a SIP call). although the call will typically make log entries from which it can be reconstructed. One might argue that it is a weakness of Asterisk that it doesn’t log the call ID, except in detailed debugging, but that probably stems from being multi-protocol; legacy systems don’t have call IDs.

Asterisk is a toolkit, so, if you want a code to do a trace, you have to write dialplan and features codes to implement it.

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Don’t plug the T1 cable in from them!

For SIP, use Permit and Deny. Most people Deny everyone except their ITSP and don’t accept direct SIP calls.

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This is, technically, Malicious Call Identification, not trace. It looks like it is North America only and it tells the operator that you consider the call malicious.

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this is a question for the fbi mailing list or maybe i forgot my account mailing list ?

That’s pretty cool. Thanks!

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