Call tracing

Hi all,

I have calls from collection agencies that the caller id is masked. The are code appears to be coming from one state, but the call is originating from somewhere else. The calls are becoming very harassing and threatening. I have already set freepbx to record any inbound call to a .wav file so I can burn it to cd aas proof, but I was wondering if there is a method in asterisk to trace a call that is “masked”. Any help would be appreciated.

You can do 2 things - record IP for incoming calls, and you can send all masked calls to some “nice” extension.
There are lot of ideas how to deal with unpleasant calls.

What would be the best method to accomplish recording the ip from a sip call and sending it to a dummy extension?

Most people don’t allow unauthenticated incoming SIP calls and I’d be surprised if many collection agencies send SIP directly to the recipient. Therefore, I suspect the IP address will only tell you the address of your PSTN gateway.

If the calls are really harassing, you should contact the police. At least in the UK, such calls would be a criminal offence. The police can request that the telphone company reveal the true caller ID, to the extent that they have it.

get their address and report them to FCC

when they call ask “where” to send your payments, that can give a starting point on who to look for.

Findout who THEIR CARRIER IS and report the misuse of their calling; they may be violating their terms of service and the phone company may just suspend their line or put a PEN REG on their account and then BAN them from calling you.