Hot to make a script that will generate simulated calls

Hi there!

This is forum is very much helpful to me all the time since i started with the amazing asterisk. With the help of this forum i am quite well running my project and it is running quite well. But i want to load/perf test my server now also the DID provider(nexvortex). I want to make a script which will help me make calls to check:

  1. performance of our asterisk server.
  2. how much call it can take as we have our own customized system.
  3. how our did providers working.
  4. how much channel he can give at his best.
  5. will this server giving what we need and answering all the calls like we want.

If anyone can help me with this it will be very much helpful. I do not know much about testing of asterisk. I already tested my server with sipp but that type of test i do not want. I want live test by making calls customized the way i want and through the DID provider. At least let me know is this possible to make some script which will let me generate call to my DID number? How?

Thanks in advance.