Hi all!

I’m actually try to find out a script which could help me to make some test on my network.

I’m looking for a way to simulate lots of calls on my Asterisk in order to know how many calls we can have with my system.

If anyone know something about it, please help me.

there is another testing package out there, but i can’t find the link for the life of me…

Thnks a lot master ^^

whoa, when did i become an astmaster?

i think 400 posts is the breakpoint … wonder what you get at 1000 ?

i’m really far away from this point ^^
But, i wonder too

muppetmaster isn’t far away, so we could wait until he gets there, but we don’t see too much of him these days.

given that i still can’t get back to work, i’ll probably be approaching the 1k mark soon.