I hope my question is not to trivial. Is there a difference between the asterisk that is part of @home and the regular asterisk, other than web interfaces and other nice add-ons in @home.

I think Asterisk@Home should be renamed
"Asterisk@for people who don’t want to be bothered trying to figure out how to install linux and get everything configured manually"

@home does some stuff different than regular asterisk. It relies heavy on the Sql database to hold configs, so users who normally would modify the .conf files directly sometimes get a surprise that their changes disappear because @home overwrites them. Of course, it doesn’t overwrite them all…and seems to only overwrite certain portions of it…no rhyme or reason i don’t think

@home and amp are 2 different pieces of the @home package. If I install amp on an existing asterisk server, am I going to have the same trouble?
I ask because I am having trouble getting amp installed on an asterisk box.

If you load AMP you are essentially getting the same functionality as AAH.

Personally, I have configured Asterisk Manually and compiled everything and hand edited conf files and I do know linux very well. But having a distro that includes all of this and installs in less than an hour is pretty nice.

It does not overwrite all of the configs if you know how to use AMP.

Thanks for your help