Help Using Asterisks at home with a Linksys Pap2

First off I’d like to say hello to the community as I am a new member. I recently downloaded Asterisk@Home and installed it on a machine I had laying around the house. Now I’ve been having a couple of problems with it though and I’ve searched through a lot of tutorials but either I’m not understanding the way the information is presented or I can’t find the answer I’m looking for.

So working off a fresh install of Asterisk@Home, I haven’t touched any configuration files or anything yet, I’m having trouble logging into FreePBX Adminstration. I’ve tried to use maint for the user and password for password but it continues to try and ask for the user and password. Is there something I’m missing(using Asterisk@Home 2.8 by the way)?

Then the other problem, I have an unlocked Linksys Pap2 to which I would like to use to bring my copper line into the Pap2 and then into the Asterisks machine, since the machine has a network card and the Pap2 is just laying around. So I’d really like to go this route rather than buying a card, is this possible to do? And how would I go about with the wiring and configuration? Basically for copper into the pbx then back out to the house wiring or phone jack to control the phones in the house. Thanks for your help in advance and if any of the questions have been answered already somewhere, I do apoligize for reposting them.

PAP2 is a 2xFXS box. You can use it to connect two ananlog phone extensions to AAH, you can’t use it for connecting a POTS line. You need an FXO device for that, either an X100P or equivalent type card, or something like a Sipura SPA-3000 ATA which will give you 1xFXO and 1xFXS.


Heres some links for you … P+Gateways … e+Adapters … ome+analog

Ok, I think I got it. So basically I still need an FXO device, which I use to plug the POTS line into it to have it communicate with Asterisk. Then I can use the Linksys PAP2 to connect phones to the asterisks box over the lan, correct?

Also how do I login to FreePBX Adminstration if maint and password don’t work, or could that be because I’m going to HomeIpaddressHere

Thanks for all for help guys, this is definately a fun project and great learning experience for me.

You got the first part right. I dont use @home or FreePBX I maually edit my config files so i cant help you with that.