Home care systems , technical alarms

Hello All,

I am using a device: home care system (TA74) in sip mode to make alarm calls to nurses and other people.
With speech calls it is simple, but there are also techical calls i would like to be handled by the UCM6202.
When a technical call happens there neeed to be 22(DTMF) twice for the speech module in the device to speak out the technical alarm cause, for ending and accepting this call 00(DTMF) has to be pressed.
The recording of this speech should be stored or emailed.
I would like this to be automated by a voicemail or by a VRU mechanism in de UCM6202.
Is this possible and if so how can it be done.


Ask Grandstream.

In bare Asterisk, you can use SendDTMF.

Did that also… is not that easy…

I hope to find a creative mind.


You are going to have to debug the handling of DTMF in your particular system.

I would have thought. that these codes were intended to confirm that a human had received the message, so I’m not sure why you should want to automate them.

Alarms go to the personel, so they do the 00 confirmation manualy.

But technical alarms cause confusiot with the personel. So it is better to automate them.