Asterisk and HIPATH 3800/HG1500

I’m trying to configure asterisk–>HG1500–>Siemens HIPATH 3800.
communications between HIPATH and Asterisk work fine in both directions.
My problem: calling from asterisk extension to external number (PSTN trunk on HIPATH) --> Calls are redirected to receptionist !

Any suggestions ?

Without a console log showing the actual flow of what is going on and your extensions.conf the only thing anyone can say is that you’ve likely got Asterisk misconfigured.

From Asterisk everything is OK, the sip command is correctly send to Siemens HG1500.
i think the problem is the configuration of the HG1500/HIPATH (Dial plan, CornetP Trunk, LCR, COS, …)

If you say so! When you referred to receptionist I thought you meant an IVR in Asterisk.

Hello, i have the same problem. How do you resolve the problem. Thanks