Night service for departments

Please forgive my noob nature here, but I have a question.

Is there a way to have a button on a Polycom 601 set a status in the system database, then be colored according to what ever that status is? I.e. (I found an example on Experts Exchange) Press the button for Set(DB(PBX/NightMode)=1). Have it check to see if NightMode=1 then illuminate? If NightMode=1 is set then pessing the button again would execute Set(DB(PBX/NightMode)=0). Then, of course, if NightMode=0 is set then the button would not be illumiated, and the process starts over again.

Additionally, the inbound dial plan would be something like this:

exten => 0,1,Set(nm=${DB(PBX/NightMode)}) ; lookup night mode state in DB
exten => 0,2,Gotoif($["${nm}" = “1”] ? 8:3)
exten => 0,3,Dial … ; ring the day mode number(s)

exten => 0,8,Dial … ; ring the night mode number(s) ---- which would be voicemail for most departments.

Ultimately, I need to adapt this for multiple departments. Is it possible to have the variable be something like DB(PBX/NightModeAttorney), DB(PBX/NightModeClerk), and so on (about 12 different departments). I am trying to make this as easy for the end user, and as similar to the old key system as I can.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


you are on the right track. when pushed it should dial an extension which will toggle night mode (by checking what it currently is, and then setting it to be something else).
I would love to see the EE article about how to control the light…

you are also on the right track by using different names for departments. Each department’s IVR should use a GotoIf type thing to query the database, and handle the call accordingly.

They did not discuss the button… That is what I would like to be able to do. Setting night service is comparitively a no brainer… but querying the status, and lighting an indicator on the phones is where I am running into problems.



You will need to probably use the light as a BLF, with a hint exten. As i recall, the BRIstuff set of patches had something about making BLF more flexible… never done it though.