PJSIP and notifyhold


I am moving my infra from legacy chan_sip to pjsip. I am unable to get hold status in queue in PJSIP. I didn’t find any option to set in PJSIP documentation. While we had an option “notifyhold” in chan_sip.

Is there any equivalent option available in PJSIP for notifyhold or other workaround ?

Looking at the “notifyhold” option in chan_sip it controls whether the device state of a peer reflects hold or not. There is no option in chan_pjsip for this as it always does this.

I’d suggest stating exactly what you are trying to do/seeing.

I am testing PJSIP members and Asterisk queue. Whenever I put my softphone on hold when using chan_sip I can see change from “in use” to “hold” in “queue show” and AMI. But whenever I do the same with PJSIP , there is no change with PJSIP members in hold situation.

If you turn on debug in Asterisk by adding debug in logger.conf to either a file or console and doing “core set debug 9” do you see the device state changing to hold at all? What about “core show hints”?

I am able to see Hold and MusicOnHold events and can see logs related to hold but “core show hints” shows no changes and so queue show also. I think it does not get updated.

I’d suggest filing an issue[1] then as it does look like the code is there and should be working. Please provide an example configuration if possible with console output and instructions, along with what you expect to happen.

[1] https://issues.asterisk.org/jira

I have raised and issue here https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-28990.

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