High CPU consumption.-


I am new to this world of telephone exchanges.

It is my first message of help to this community.

I have version 11 installed in a virtual machine promox, in the same machine I have a web application and a database.

The problem that is being presented to me is that the machine where the PBX works will trigger the CPU consumption to more than 100%.

I have been reading and in some places have recommended installing irqbalance (already installed); I would like to know if it is possible to make adjustments to the Asterisk configuration so that it does not consume as much CPU percentage?

Thank you for all the help you can give me.


It all depends on what exactly Asterisk is doing and how you are using it. Have you confirmed it’s Asterisk itself going to 100% CPU? What exactly are you doing in Asterisk?

If you are new to Asterisk, you should not be using version 11 as it is half way through its security fixes only period and will reach end of life on October 25th.

Thanks for your reply.

So, does updating the version mean I have to do all the settings I’ve implemented so far?

Thanks again.

Not all of them, but you do need to review the UPGRADES.txt file, to see if there are any changes that are significant to you.