Hide caller ID outbound calls

Hello Asterisk Support,

we have a problem configuring our Asterisk PBX (Asterisk for Anonymous caller id in outblod calls.

We found that the “Set(CALLERID())” function is the one we need to complete our task, but we’re not able to apply it in the right way.

We added the following line int our dial_outgoing.conf file:

exten => _0XXXXXXXXXX/58,1,Set(CALLERID(num-pres)=prohib)

where _0XXXXXXXX is the destination number (used for test) and 58 is the internal caller id.

When we call the 0XXXXXXXXXX from 58 int. number, from the 0XXXXXXXX device (mobile phone) we see the complete number of the caller instead “Anonymous”.

Please, can you help us?

Thanks ion advance

Why not just set the number to “Anonymous”?

I believe there is an option that controls whether Asterisk operates in network service provider or end user mode, i.e. whether it sends the number and indicates don’t present, or it sends a bogus number hen asked not to present. However, this will be channel driver specific, and you haven’t said which driver you are using.