Help With Trunks!


I have a question that i think will be really stupid for the most of you, but since i am newbie to trixbox please excuse me!

The scenario goes like that, i have 2 trunks (PSTN, SIP) and 2 extensions (100,200), so i want to route all incoming calls from PSTN trunk to extension 100 or to ring group1 and all SIP calls to extension 200 or to ring group2. Also i need to route ALL outgoing calls from a extension 100 to the PSTN trunk and ALL outgoing calls from extension 200 to SIP trunk. Is that possible and if yes, how?

Sorry if i am asking too much but i am trying to solve this scenario for long time!

Thanks in advanced,


Ps. Sorry for my English :wink:

Since you are using trixbox you may want to ask on their forums.

thanks for the tip!

i already asked on their forum but i didn’t received any answer yet, so i post the question here too but no luck till now;)


Try on irc. #trixbox