Help with IVR Requirement

Hello Masters !

Well, I am new to this IVR and Asterisk World, and for a requirement I need some support / guidance.

I have a requirement to put together an IVR system. Here is how the system should work:

[ul]1) Administrator selects an employee and select a job. [/ul]
[ul]2) Next, he clicks a button and an IVR (Voice message) / call is sent to that employee’s phone / cell. [/ul]
[ul]3) As a response he can either enter 1 or 2 from his cell / phone. [/ul]
[ul]4) The IVR System, will receive that input and store in a MySQL Database.[/ul]
[ul]5) End ! [/ul]

Please support me and guide me how to setup this.

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Some one please help !

35 Views ! but no reply ?
So no one knows it ?
No one reply ?

Does any body knows a BETTER forum to get support from ?


Sounds like what you’re looking for is less “support” and more “commercial consultation.” Try the Biz forum.



Well, thanks for your reply, i have posted my question there, let see if someone can respond.

Do you know about it ? Setting up IVR ?



Try with Visual Diaplan tool, it’s easy to use.
There is even a tutorial on how to build IVR : … ith+queues


PavelS, thanks a lot for your great help. I saw that link and it seems that will certainly solve my problem.