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I am looking for someone to remotely install and configure Astersk now & free pbx. I need first, a DID provider that will allow me to select by zip code and a minute provider that does not exceed .011 per minute I need a module, if one exist that allows me to put a limit on the number of outbound minutes.

I will be having the system installed initially on a virtual server to do a short term test market , and will want the same person to transplant to a dedicated server in 90 days. So give me a price quote on both and I will setup a small fee for basic support on the system. Thank you…

FreePBX provide its own distro called FreePBX distro, there is not module to set a limit of minutes on outbound calls. You can set this limit using AGI and MYSQL

FreePBX is a complete distribution, you can install it. As for DID Provider there are many in the market, but not sure how smoothly FreePBX is integrate that it can give you option to select minimum rates of .011 per minute. but I smell it would be completely customised solution. You can use DID provider api to search numbers which have call rates .011 per minutes, but most of them provide you many free minutes for inbound calls.

As for module you can put do following I took it from another question of FreePBX

Create a new custom trunk, override asterisk trunk dial options and put inside there what was visible before plus the following


also in the Custom dial put the following


Save the new trunk.
You make a new outbound rule with the same settings that your current has but in the cid field next to each dial pattern you will put the following


this will let only extension 101 and 102 to use the rule. Put between the brackets every number that you want to be able to dial out through this rule.
In the trunk sequence choose the trunk that you created later.
Finally in the outbound rule order put the new rule over the rest that you have.

Thank you for your response. First let me explain what I’m trying to do. I want to setup a call forwarding, service for prisoners. I have one provider for unmetered inbound DID’s but their prices range depending on zip code. I am looking for a cheaper outbound provider. I currently use callcentrix at .015 per outbound minute. I am not charging for the outbound minutes, I am trying to get a better rate then I am paying.

As to setting up a limit on minutes, I am not a programmer, or honestly even a beginner with PBX’s. So I am trying to get a price quote for setting up a simple way to limit each group of up to 6 DID’s to 400 minutes per month.

I guess that the forum has a business section, I don’t like to use this forum to publicize my professional services, for that particular case I use pages like freelancer and upwork. If you post your project in there you will get more offers than using this site. because Usally Asterisk profesional just use this foroum to help

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Ok, thank you so much!