[help] trying to implement asterisk with mitell 3300 cxi

good day,

i currently have a mitel 3300 cxi, and would like to sign up with a voip service provider so i can get to make internationals call at a lower cost, what i am not to sure about is what additional hardware i need how to go about doing this.

this whole voip thing is totally new to me and i am trying to get a handle on it. i dont know what other information i can provide, so if you have any question let me know

thanks in advance


you dont need any additional hardware and that includes asterisk.

The mitel 3300 cxi supports SIP trunks and users with the purchase of the relevent licences.


The Mitel 3300 cxi does SIP. So, it should be possible.

However, it should be noted that VoIP, over the internet for production/business purposes can be kind of… well, termination quality can vary depending on the carrier and technologies. Lets just leave it at that. Where are you trying to call from/to if I may ask?

I use Link2VoIP.com for my termination needs, they are very stable, multi-homed and very helpful…

As for your hardware addition requirements, you shouldn’t need an asterisk system added on for this, you should just be able to do this with Mitel and a SIP gateway… and licenses, of course.