[Help] Suggestions for parking a call then calling a mobile

I am creating a follow me script for calls out to a mobile phone.

Now I can get it so the caller selects an option from an IVR and the call is then transfered to the mobile

But what I wanted to do was get the caller to speak there name then park the call then dial the mobile number and playback the parked call information and then they can decide to take the call or not.

exten => 1,1,Noop(MiscDest: Mobile) exten => 1,2,Background(vm-rec-name) exten => 1,3,Wait(1) exten => 1,4,Record(/tmp/asterisk-stranger:gsm|5|15) exten => 1,5,Background(pls-hold-while-try) exten => 1,6,SetMusicOnHold(default) exten => 1,7,ParkAndAnnounce(inbound:/tmp/asterisk-stranger:vm-isonphone:at-following-number:PARKED|10|local/0123456@from-internal,|mobileout,8) exten => 1,8,VoiceMail(4001@default) exten => 1,9,Hangup

The trouble is it dials the number for the mobile phone via a zap trunk and before the mobile even rings it starts to play the announce information then because it gets no response it then times out.

Any suggestions or a better way to do this