Help soft pbx and softphones


I want to set up a small callcenter startup in Berlin and as you can imagine I am short of money.
Could you tell me whether asterisk and other opensource stuff provides the features I need, or do I have to buy a system:
THe call center is providing service to n different businesses

  1. free softphones
  2. call routing to the next available agent
  3. caller id : callers nr, and callees nr (who is calling, which nr out of a whole bunch of lines I have has been dialled).
  4. I need to execute certain actions when the call agent receives a call from lets say:
    a call from a custumer of health insurance: Then I want to open up the home page of the insurance with the data of the client who is calling.

Does Asterisk provide this features?
I am a electronics engineer with some knowledge of telephony.
Thanks a lot.
momo from Berlin, germany

Asterisk has lots of features and can do about anything
There is a lot of info at this site that may help

Also, read this book: … +Telephony