[HELP] Set(CDR(name)=value))


Does anyone tried to use this function? I know, using Set(CDR(accountcode)=${PIN}) in a dialplan for example, will effectively set the current channel accountcode to whatever value the variable "${PIN} has. Now I was wondering, if somebody already attempted to add another varliable like Set(CDR(dnis)=${DNID}). On my console log, I can see it was executed succesfully, but once the call is hangup. The console log doesn’t show it as among the CDR variable for that call/channel, also its not included on the CDR csv.

Ultimately, is there a way for displaying that variable on the console log without using NoOP? By the way, I ask this question because its indicated in the README.cdr that user can add variable on the cdr. I’m using Asterisk 1.2.4 for your information.

Thanks for your time and help. :smile: