Asterisk CDR(accountcode) Varible Propergation

When upgrading from version 1.6.2 to 1.8.5 there appears to be an undocumented change in the behaviour when dialling a ‘Local/’ channel.

In version 1.6.2 when setting the ‘CDR(accountcode)’ and then dialling the ‘Local/@from-internal/n’ the value would propagate to the ‘Local’ channel and could be accessed using ‘${CDR(accountcode)}’ or via an PHP AGI script. In version 1.8.5 this is not the case, which causes issues with my dialplan.

When setting global variables ‘__name=value’ these are copied to the local channel. I know I can get around the above using the global value however I would prefer to use the old method as it means I don’t need to update thousands of entries.

I did raise this a bug as it wasn’t documented and changed the way local channels were created, however this ticket was closed.

Any feedback would be appreciated.