Call - Need to change CDR variables

Hi folks,

The question is very simple: I am trying to setup call control for conference rooms here and want then to allow users to make calls “as if they were on their own IP phones”.

Let’s imagine the situation:

The user usually uses :

IP phone : 2000
PIN code : 1234
CLI : <3265652000>

From the conference phone :

IP phone : 3000
PIN code : 4567
CLI : <3265653000>

I created a dial plan that allows user to call 5555 from the conference rooms and arrive to an IVR that will ask him for:

  • his extension
  • his associated PIN
  • the number he wants to call

What I want to be done is to replace the CalledNumber and the CLI so that CDR’s recorded is associates with the user’s IP phone. The problem is that the CDR has 3265653000 as CLI and 5555 as destination, while it should be 3265652000 and the public number entered as destination.

I tried ResetCDR, a bundle of Sets on CDR variables, nothing works.

Any idea on how I could make a double stage dialing with Extension/PIN verification and then record the correct CDR data?

Thanks in advance!