Help Please. GXP-2000 phones, Firmware upgrade?

This is for you guys who has the GXP-2000.

I just purchased two of these phones.

It was said that they have the latest firmware.

However, it has listed in the device configuration via web browser.
(Software Version: Program-- Bootloader-- )

It is set to check for firmware upgrade. I also went to a web page that said the most current for it was , but yet nothing happens when it goes through the reboot process.

Can someone advise me on this issue.
I would like to have the latest and greatest firmware. so that all the features work.

Doing more research, I am not sure I understand how there numbering works. so I am not sure if i have the latest firmware or not.

If anyone can give me a clue on this, I would be most greatful

Thanks in advance.

I sorta figured out some of it.

i have upgraded it to

all went well
however, anyone run the that is posted?

i am intersted, but seen ppl saying some not so good things,

I am a home user, will this be a bad upgrade? or should i wait?


I’ve been trying to figure out what the grandstream people are trying to do with this phone for about a year now.

It’s not a BAD phone, but they keep releasing really buggy firmware.

They should be fixing all the simple problems that their current firmware has, and then starting a nice regular release of updates with new features and enhancements that have been properly regression tested.

They can’t seem to even fix the simple things.

I’ve pretty much given up on them. The phone I like now is the linksys/cisco/sipura spa-941 and it’s cousin the spa-942.

No, it doesn’t have as many buttons as the GXP-2000, but I’ve yet to find reason to have that many buttons in the first place. (Aside from the obvious speed dials.)

The backlighted LCD is probably my favorite feature, but it isn’t a good enough reason to keep fighting with that thing…

This evening I ended up doing the upgrade to level.

So far no problems and i love the changes.

I think i might also understand that there is even a higher beta one out there, i think

Was wondering if I should go on up, or if its still to buggy?

Anyone have an opinion on this?


Stick with as it is basically the latest stable release. I dont know about version 1.1 but I would guess it is a development release and may well contain bugs.
The only issue with which is stopping them releasing it officially is that on very early models of the phone the display can go blank.


Thanks for the info.

I will hold off where I am for a while till I find more ifno that its safe to go on up.