Anyone tried for Grandstream GXP2000?

I read the release note, quie a bit of features, anyone tried it yet? It’s in

using it right now. to upgrade you need to install first, otherwise the phone will ignore the files.

seems to be an improvement. i hope that they incorporate some of the changes being suggested at though. i hate that you can’t dial without pickup up an extension first, for example.

I have one of the older GXP2000’s and still have issues with the firmware. The entire .2 series of firmware messes up the display. In this version, they fixed the display flipping or reverse display issue but now the display goes completely blank.

If you have one of the older units, I don’t recommend the upgrade.

[quote=“kenn10”]If you have one of the older units, I don’t recommend the upgrade.[/quote]I agree, specifically, if your MAC address begins with “00.0B.82.03.” do not upgrade yet.

My GXP2000 has a MAC address starting with “00.0B.82.05.” and works very good. I upgraded directly from via TFTP.

The voice quality has improved as well as lots of features.

An active list of beta testing can be found at: