Help: New Developer Hardware Suggestion(s)

Hello All!

OK, we’re ready to jump in! Newbies to this Asterisk stuff, so what’s the best hardware starting point? - As our plan is to develop systems using Asterisk, and probably to create an in-house testbed along the way, max options and flexibility are the goals, with perhaps a little practical usability thrown in as well! Will try linking to various analog phones, softphones and ‘hard’ IP phones.

What’s the best source for this hardware? Would you recommend the Asterisk Developer Kit hardware (one analog, one digital interface as I understand it)?

What have all of you used? Thanks in advance, Lou

did you even read the sticky at the top of this board ?

the wiki has been built by users and suppliers, and contains all the info you need to get going.

[quote=“DrLou”]OK, we’re ready to jump in![/quote]are you going to jump in, or be gently coaxed and fed ? just download the tarballs and get on with it.