[HELP]: Need suggestions to implement agents-like functions

Hello all,

We are happily using asterisk as our PBX for a bit more than a year. Our support call center is growing, and some changes need to be done.

I’m looking to implement an agent-like function, since our agents right now are using dynamic agents, i.e. their phones each have an extension, and we log that extension in 2 queues (french and english). That part is custom, and we created a log-on function to log them in both queue after dialing the function.

I’m identifying calls in CDR and reports by extension right now, but am having an issue with the fact that if a different employee is using the same phone, they will come out in the reports as having taking calls as the usual employee. If not, they have to reconfigure the phone for their use.

Agents would do what I need to do, but it is deprecated, and possibly will be removed, from what I gathered. Is anyone running a setup that could let me gather stats for agents, or have an agent-like function that will not be deprecated?

Thanks in advance!