[Help] Need info regarding multi-site Asterisk integration


My company is looking at linking our three separate sites together via VoIP channels over our VPN. I would appreciate any light that could be shed on this topic. Here is the situation:

Our corporate office has the oldest phone system and as such we are looking to completely replace it with an Asterisk setup. Remote Site A (RSA) has a newer VoIP and SIP compatible PBX made by Alcatel-Lucent and Remote Site B (RSB) has a VoIP compatible PBX made by Panasonic. Both RSA and RSB are using analog/digital phones hooked up to their PBX, though they could go VoIP in the office if they wanted to.

My question is regarding the hardware requirements for linking the three offices together via VoIP over our existing VPN tunnels. Would we require an Asterisk Gateway at each location? Could we only have one Asterisk box at Corporate and modify the dial plans in the Alcatel and Panasonic PBX’s?

I’m leaning away from posting this in the jobs forum until I get more information about the setup, but this project would be something we are looking at hiring a consultant for.

Thank you for any help!

If all the sites have SIP compatible PBXs in place then you can simply create SIP trunks between each of the pairs of machines.

Thanks for the response mudslide. Is there a way we could accomplish this without SIP trunking? The goal here is to use the VoIP capability of all three units since I don’t see anything in the Panasonic’s documentation stating SIP compatibility. We basically want a linked VoIP setup between sites via our VPN. Sorry if this sounds off base, I’m (obviously) new to these concepts.

VoIP compatible means SIP compatible means SIP trunking. SIP trunks = VoIP.