Asterisk doesnt work or I think that (what I need?)

Thanks for your comments, as I said, i installed asterisk and when I run it, everything is fine, but when I try to configure the other things, doesnt work, send me error messages like “error inserting…” I’ve followed the instructions of the online book “the future of telephony”, but I still cant make calls, I must be able to make calls, between 2 phones in the office, but I cant, what I need, the document says that I just need install asterisk and thats all, I need your help, expert people, because all tutorial that i’ve found use special cards, I really need a digium card to make calls? or just with my Pc and asterisk’s packages are all I need?

We need from you:
version of asterisk
error output from CLI when making a call
full output related to "error inserting…"
detailed and complete description of the sytem goals of your asterisk installation: describe it for us as if we were 12 years old…[/ul]
Tips for you:

[ul]turn up verbosity of asterisk CLI (set verbose 10) and read the output while making a call. this will clue you into problems.
read the log: /var/log/asterisk/full: even more clues[/ul]

You need Digium card only if you want connect your RTC Phone to Asterisk.

If you just want make call betwween computer by SIP your ethernet card is your best friend :smile: