Help me to install 8P BRI Harmonix HI-CARD /P8?

First of all, Happy new years!
Hi I’m Sándor Szövérfy from Hungary, Budapest. I need some help, I’ve got an very old ISDN pci card (1988-1989) the type is Harmonix HI-CARD /P8 PCI ISDN BRI , it was taken out from a G4 MAC and i try to use this with an Asterisk ,Trixbox or other Asterisk distribution but i don’t know how to install. I can not find software driver (Harmonix companny is clossed ) for the card either ,but from Linuxjournal they write Harmonix ISDN cards are Linux( isdn4linux ) compliant,but i don’t find any kind of driver for linux or windows.Can this card be used for ISDN voice??, or in any Asterisk enviorment??.
To tell the truth i don’t know are the specs of this card. all i know is 8 BRI channels ISDN controller .The chipset :pci bridge controler AMCC S5933, Motorola MC68302 X2,MC68360, Xilinx XC3030 ,AM79C32 X4,
M5M51008 X12 the rest of board is covered so i could not see what isdn line (Siemems,or other like HFC ,Winbond ,or any ) other chipset .The PCI bridge controller is AMC ,and the card in linux with lspci -v is informing about AMC network controler, coul be an isdn multiplexer card??. But i dont’t know which one: isdn4linux, capi, mISDN can hadle the card and how to do .
Thank you in advance for any answer or help
Best regards Sándor Szövérfy