Help me in: features.conf

Hello, I want to make an option where the caller can press for example, 74 and execute an Goto simething like this:

Caller call to someone > Caller press 74 and Goto(demotest,74,1) for example.

How can i do that, please if post a simple config here it will be apprecied

In features.conf below applicationmap:

testfeature => *88,peer,Playback,tt-monkeys testfeature2 => *99,peer,Playback,tt-weasels

Somewhere in your extensions.conf:

exten => _4XXX,1,Set(__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=testfeature#testfeature2) exten => _4XXX,n,answer() exten => _4XXX,n,dial(sip/${EXTEN},15,rm)

The sintaxis for add features:

;<FeatureName> => <DTMF_sequence>,<ActivateOn>[/<ActivatedBy>],<Application>[,<AppArguments>[,MOH_Class]] ; ; FeatureName -> This is the name of the feature used in when setting the ; DYNAMIC_FEATURES variable to enable usage of this feature. ; DTMF_sequence -> This is the key sequence used to activate this feature. ; ActivateOn -> This is the channel of the call that the application will be executed ; on. Valid values are "self" and "peer". "self" means run the ; application on the same channel that activated the feature. "peer" ; means run the application on the opposite channel from the one that ; has activated the feature. ; ActivatedBy -> This is which channel is allowed to activate this feature. Valid ; values are "caller", "callee", and "both". "both" is the default. ; The "caller" is the channel that executed the Dial application, while ; the "callee" is the channel called by the Dial application. ; Application -> This is the application to execute. ; AppArguments -> These are the arguments to be passed into the application. ; MOH_Class -> This is the music on hold class to play while the idle ; channel waits for the feature to complete. If left blank, ; no music will be played.

But if i want to using Goto?
Is going to be like this

testfeature => *88,peer,Goto,MyContexDemo,88,1 ??

The help in features.conf say:

[quote]; IMPORTANT NOTE: The applicationmap is not intended to be used for all Asterisk
; applications. When applications are used in extensions.conf, they are executed
; by the PBX core. In this case, these applications are executed outside of the
; PBX core, so it does not make sense to use any application which has any
; concept of dialplan flow. Examples of this would be things like Macro, Goto,
; Background, WaitExten, and many more.
; Enabling these features means that the PBX needs to stay in the media flow and
; media will not be re-directed if DTMF is sent in the media stream.

But you can try.