Help me: Asterisk External Call Transfer


I have Incoming Call coming through an E1/PRI Line. After Playing a Welcome message I need to Transfer this Call to an External Mobile number through an E1/PRI Line.

My requirement is, After Transfering the call to the External number, The Call should not use the E1/PRI Line and Asterisk. The caller should talk to the Transfered number directly using the his Phone Provider.

Is this Possible ? Can anyone help me please ?


I think that once you answered the call on Asterisk, this is not possible. It is totally different if you don’t need to answer the call. If you were using SIP, you can do this with SIP 302 Moved Temporarly message. I have no idea how to do this on ISDN. I hope that your telephony provider can tell you what method they support.

Both cases are handled by the Transfer application. Historically, I don’t believe that chan_dahdi had a transfer method implementation, but that may have changed. It is unlikely to be supported by all dahdi channel types, if it has been implemented.

The Transfer application has poor error handling.