[HELP] low volume on all PSTN Calls thru Genuine X100P

I use SIP inside my network, and my asterisk server has a genuine X100P card in it connecting the box to one PSTN line. Any calls made over that line are so quiet they are unusable.

I set the txgain=50.0 in zapata.conf, and that made the audio level acceptable, but very distorted (as you would expect).

How can I boost the volume to an acceptable level?


I just discovered a new twist on the problem. If I call and get an error message such as “The person at extention 555 is on the phone” from AMP/FreePBX, the volume is just fine. It’s only when the call is placed between a SIP client and a PSTN client that the volume is so low.

Really? No takers?

sounds to me like you have a faulty card.