[Help] Keypress issue during Background playback?

I came across an aa50 (S808B - 8trunk) device at a client site. I’m not very good with phone systems, but they don’t have anyone else to take a look, so I offered. Yay me.

It seems to have most generic out of the box settings, simple things even I can figure out. I can add extensions, trunks, messaging etc and can follow the starter instructions. Not very good at cli, but the oob gui is filled with options…

Anyways, the issue:

90% of the people that call into the site hit the IVR as normal, and can operate/press everything without an issue.

That other 10% though, hit the IVR and can’t use any keypress functions at all. These same calls are coming from a variety of touchtone phones, both home and business locations. The callers have to wait through the entire initial message and then the no-input timeout period before it kicks them over to the operator.

  • All IVR messages are set with Background, not Playback (I learned that one myself real quick)
  • All IVR menus are set to “Allow Dialing Other Extensions”
  • All IVR menus are set to “Allow Keypress Events”

Does anyone have any suggestions on this? Bueller? I’d really appreciate any ideas or help anyone would be willing to give me.

Thanks in advance.


No one has an idea?

set dtmf debugging on, you may find that its short digits.