[HELP]IAX/SIP and switch statement help/clarification

ok, so my issue is as follows:
I have a main asterisk box behind a natted firewall. In a second location we have another asterisk box w/ some folks running off that. In an effort to simplify matters (ie not having to rewrite the dailplan) I am using the switch statement on the sattelite to transfer all non local calls to the main server (ie, everyone at main location and all outbound calls,voicemail etc.) So, everything was working well until I started testing IAXCOMM phone at the remote location. It’s complaining about context not existing at the main server. For example:

Jun 9 09:15:06 NOTICE[19895]: chan_iax2.c:7215 socket_read: Rejected connect attempt from 192.168.1.XXX, request ‘XX@sattelite-context’ does not exist

from extensions.conf
switch => IAX2/main_loc_user:user_password@xx.xx.xx.xx/main_site_context

Which brings me to my question.

  1. Using the swtitch statement, does that (and the softphones) need to be in the same context as the context I am dialing to on the othe end? In theory I would say no as I am spoecifying the context in the switch statement itself. And it would appear that it works perfectly fine w/ Xlite softphones (works fine!) but when I bring IAXCOMM into the mix, things start going haywire. Has anyone else experienced stranmge issues such as this using IAXCOMM?