I can't dial with any IAX softphone

Hello everybody,

I installed Asterisk a few days ago, but i have a problem with IAX softphones.

I haven’t any problem using SIP soft. I can call IAX softphones with the most of SIP softphones or IP HardPhones.

But, if can’t call any SIP or IAX soft WITH an IAX softphone. I try with Idefisk, Firefly, IaxComm and Asterisk says the same mistake :

“chan_iax2.c:5761 socket_read: Rejected connect attempt from, request ‘200@default’ does not exist”

In this exemple, i try to call extension 200, which is a SIP softphone (or IAX).

thank you.

The context that you have assigned to the IAX softphones in your /etc/asterisk/iax.conf are not the ones needed to be able to dial 200. As you may see from the error log it can not find 200@default, which means the IAX phone is trying to dial 200 inside of the context ‘default’. What context does 200 exist in in your /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf? That is the one you need to assign for this particular dialing to work.

thank you i found the solution.

I had wroten : “context=test” in the general section (in iax.conf). Actually, it doesn’t seem to work. I have to put “context=test” in each section of my IAX phones.
This problem doesn’t appear in sip.conf file.

Is it a bug ?

No, different protocols with different configuration/usage concepts. Have a look here starting at page 60. Note that there is no ‘conext’ setting in the general section but only in the entity sections.

yes, there is no context setting but if you go to page 64 :

options for entities

“context: When used within a client definition, this keyword overrides
the default incoming context set in the general section for the user

Then, there is a default context in the general section :smile: Or maybe we can’t change it.

Bingo. Having said this, I did some testing with v1.2beta, and I am able to manipulate the codec usage globally in the general section of /etc/asterisk/iax.conf.