[Help] HylaFAX

I need to set up a mailTofax server with asterisk. I want to be able to send a mail example: 01222344@fax.local with an attachment with extensions like .pdf, .doc.

I have installed Asterisk@home with the TE110P PRI E1 interface.

I am just thinking what do I need to configure:

  • mail server like postfix
  • HylaFAX

How do I need to configure the asterisk box and hylafax to dial the right number and sand faxes over my PRI interface?


Best to start here:


I’ve just released a beta of a smtp fax gateway for which I’m looking for testers.
If your prepared to give it a go I’m prepared to give you some detailed help getting it up and running.

If your interested post a reply here and I will send you the install (I’m still waiting for a sourceforge project to be created).

i dont think that the digium cards work well with hylafax.
You will probably need to do it with span_dsp

find some more info here :

and here



@ bsutton@noojeeit.com.au

Can you send me your relase of the smtp fax gateway server i am iterested for testing it.