Asterisk 1.6 - Reliable Analogue Fax solution


(sorry - this get’s a bit long)

I’m confused by the choices for analogue faxing using Asterisk 1.6 & was looking for advice on the most stable / reliable way forward.

Currently - we have a standalone Hylafax server (8 lines max). Faxes recieved get turned into PDF’s, attached to e-mail and sent based on the modem it was received on. Outgoing faxes are sent to Hylafax using a desktop client I created, it’s basic but it works fine for my users.

I’d like Asterisk to be able to receive analogue faxes for every DID (as well as offer voice) and process the faxes as Hylafax does now (turn them into PDF’s & e-mail them).

There seems to be many ways to do this & a lot of free or commercial faxing software to work with Asterisk…

Can anyone offer advice on a solution they run & how it functions / how reliable it is with Asterisk 1.6?

Personally - I’m very happy with Hylafax and would like to incorporate it into the Asterisk server - but if this causes problems or is not the ‘best’ solution - then I’ll use something else.

If it helps - I am using:

  • T1 PRI to a ‘dual port’ RedPhone device, that communicates to Asterisk using TDMoE
  • Some calls get routed via the second T1 port to a Nortel Option 11C.
  • We get faxes this way also - PSTN to RedPhone to Asterisk to Nortel to Hylafax. Works fine.

Eventually the Nortel will be retired…

Advice on a solution welcome…