Question : fax with ASTERISK

What I m trying to do is :
incoming fax from pstn=> asterisk <=> digium 400 card <=> internal fax

I have read some articles which said it is not possible to fax thru *server with the digium card, is it true?



after several times of trying, the fax machine will print out information
"no answer"
I have no installed hylafax or spandsp, are they absolute necessary?
if not, can someone tell me where is the problem, why I can not send fax out ,and ether receieve one.

do you have ‘g’ in group = 2 definition or this is copy/paste mistake ?
i see there “roup = 2”

and try:
exten => s,1,Dial(Zap/g1,55,r)


it was a copy mistake
now trying the “s” extension, brb

no it wont work

and is it on earth possible to use just asterisk software and digium card to realize faxing?

I have read that spandsp can help asterisk to receieve and send fax.
But so far as my undertanding , spandsp receive fax and save it in the server, if I want to let the incoming fax to get to my fax machine,so I should fax the saved file from the asterisk server to my fax machine,is that correct?

I’d testing the latest version spandsp & Asterisk and can’t make it work :cry:

Is anyone had use the rxfax ?


i think

exten => fax,1,Goto(fax-incoming,1)

should read

exten => fax,1,Goto(fax-incoming,fax,1)

Your line is jumping into the context priority “1”, but no EXTENSION is defined to jump to. I would even change it “s”, so like:

exten => fax,1,Goto(fax-incoming,s,1)
exten => s,1,Dial(Zap/g1,50,r)
exten => s,2,congestion

BUT…IIRC you cant “goto” from the fax extension for some reason ? Not sure yet…something was there…

If so, try testing to put the fax extension into the incoming context for now and handle the fax here complete.

And no, since you have a hardfax you DONT need spandb, only if you need to realize a “softfax” - which is causing load on the * machine.

What i have done here:
I decided to put all the “softemulated” faxcrap off the asterisk machine, its causing much load and its not even running “great”.

Hints for you in short:
Small 2nd server with Hylafax and “IAX modem” on it
Fax are routed to that server
Hylafax is handling the fax, call is taken away from asterisk
Hylafax prints out fax to diff. printers depending on extensions.
The latter gives you the abillity to have unlimited faxlines for each person/department printed out to diff. printers (or emailed even).

I use 6 faxlines here that way and its working like a charm: “Zero admin”.

To use the faxdetection mechanism gives you one advantage:
Asterisk is dropping the echocancellation on that thread (call) which is important for fax communication !

thanks, the last setence is especially usefull