[HELP] how to unregister

good day! anyone who’ve encountered a sip client not registering but the * server says it’s registered? what i mean here is 1 of my grandstream ATA’s (486) are flashing red continuously which means it’s not syncing to my * server but when i check it, it’s registered and has an ip which means the server recognizes the ATA. how can i unregister that one sip client without shutting down asterisk or the whole linux box? this one’s a li’l weird for me, but if anyone already had encountered this little problem, can you please give me some advice on how to act on this. thanks in advance, :smile:


A “sip reload” should do the trick, if not do a full reload.

that’s what i’ve already done before but my problem is the server still says the client is registered and shows its ip address but the grandstream ata’s still continuously blinking red…