How to reload a specific SIP account


Some how due to some wired reason one of my SIP account keeps on disconnecting and I have to restart the portal or sometimes server to get it back online, but the down side is that the other SIP accounts are also not accessible during this time.

I want to know if there is any option to reload or resent SIP registration request for a specific SIP account without disconnecting other accounts.

Here is the attachment/.


from asterisks cli provide ‘sip reload’ to reload whole sip stack without disconnecting connected calls :wink:



I had tried this solution but it did not work. sip reload do not initiate the online sip registration request again.


What do you mean by ‘reloading a client’? What exactly are you going to do with it? If it communicates to Asterisk over TCP, you can send an RST packet and tear down connection temporarily… but if it operates over UDP?

In Asterisk, is not possible to “reload” one specific client, but you can play with IPTABLES blocking and unblocking it.

In any case, these operations will hardly resolve your issue which is most likely related to the client itself or the associated network.

Verify you dont have a DNS issue also provide error logs when this issue happen or any cli warning