[HELP] Garbled sound after upgrading FC3 kernel

Anyone know what causes garbled sound and how to fix it?

Even on the LAN the sound plays back very lagged, slow and garbled as if the lady is drowning.

Guys some help would be appreciated :smile:

Will reward with a big smile and cyber beer

I loaded the old Kernel.

This is important for people to know I think

on Fedora Core 3 2.6.9-1.667 it works fine because that is what I used before I upgraded the kernel.

With kernel 2.6.12-1.1372FC3 the sound instantly is distorted and garbled even before a recompile of Asterisk and after a recompile as well.

FC3 2.6.12 does not work right for Asterisk, at least not for me.

If anyone can explain this or why it might be or how to fix it then I’m all ears.

But this should be stickied!

I must say, i’ve had a lot of trouble with VOIP sound under FC3/Linux 2.6.x - however, until now, i hadn’t really considered kernel problems being involved in this.

I’ve got asterisk running without any problems on an FC3 box with the kernel, however, i do seem to have a bit of a problem with quality when i try and record voicemail greetings. There’s no problems at all with call quality or with voicemail messages left by callers.

I’ve tried using a couple of different softphones on my laptop, connecting through my asterisk server, but the sound quality has been appalling. I’ve got a Gransdstream BudgeTone now and have no trouble at all with call quality.