Help for a beginner

I’m looking to setup a small PBX using asterisk, but don’t want to spend a lot of money. I’m looking into spending VERY little money…

I’va already gotten an old computer, and have it running Debian linux. I’ll go ahead and install asterisk, but it’s of the hardware that’s gotten me confused. I know that I need an FXS/FXO Analog Telephone adapter, and have found one for under 40 USD, but I’m not sure if it’ll work with Asterisk.

The adapter is a PLANET VIP-157
It has an FXO and an FXS adapter for telephony and has two Ethernet adapters. I’m just not sure if it will communicate with an asterisk server, as there is not USB connection. Will this connect to the server over the internet and allow me to use it with asterisk?

There is also the PLANET SKG-300 Skype VoIP Personal Gateway.
It’s got a USB port, and says it works with skype. I’m not sure if it has SIP support or not and really have no clue what I should get…

Essentially, what should I get for hardware? I’m looking for a cheap solution, which I can use to create a basic PBX in my living space…

Oh, and I have a XACT XVP620 ‘Internet Telephone.’ It works with skype, will it work with the asterisk server?

you need SIP compatible hardware. This almost certainly rules out the Skype gateway (unless it has a SIP mode which it probably doesn’t), and you must ensure your $40 ATA is SIP.
I’d recommend going with a Sipura/linksys SPA3000 (one FXO (phone line) port and one FXS (to connect phone(s)).

I am pretty certain the hardware is SIP compatible. It says that it’s a SIP Analog Telephone Adapter. Others said that it works with SIPhone and Gizmo project.

Here’s a link to the product at newegg.